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What’s a Legacy Box?

In this episode, I talk to you about a Legacy Box – creating one, filling it up, what it means, & more.

I started using the term Legacy Box in 2017 when I was building, The Preservation Project. I was using the phrase to describe (basically) the end goal – a way to summarize your answers to these questions:

  1. What’s the point of all the things we’re documenting through pictures, writing, or the things we collect along the way – like a handwritten card from your Grandma?
  2. What’s the point of all this stuff? Where’s it going?

In episode 004 of the Intentional Documentary™ podcast, we explore:

  • The physical, tangible side of making pictures, writing, and all the other ways we might wanna document.
  • The difference in a Keepsake / Memory Box and a Legacy Box (my thought process)
  • A conversation with my Grandma that shaped how I organize my own preservation pieces (whether in pictures or another format)
  • What happens to the pictures when your loved ones pass away
  • Defining your own Legacy Box – with a couple examples of two cherished pieces of family history that my family has

Ideas on What to Fill Up Your Legacy Box With:

  1. If you have any ideas, comment so we have one collection zone! These quick thoughts that came up for me:
  2. I want to have a little bit of history that’s visual and vivid, but yet I don’t want to become a scrap booker cutting out and gluing things into a book for hours on end.
  3. I don’t just want facts – like this is the name of this person, this is where they fell in the family tree, they did this job, they were born X and died X, and married this person. That’s not enough. I loved that little bit of extra – finding out that one person was a pirate who had to walk the plank. Some piece of detail that makes it feel more human and personal – I think that would be just beautiful.
  4. I’d love audio recordings. Having the voices – that’s so beautiful. It’s something I’m definitely lacking.
  5. Pictures – hello – all intentional documentary of the people I love, the places that matter, pets, anything.
  6. Handwriting.
  7. Recipes. That would be cool to have a few. My MIL is a killer baker and there’s a few recipes she’s given me, but I think it’d be really cool to have them in her handwriting to pass onto the kids too – that’s not a photo copy.
  8. Written short stories of memories, letters, advice on different things like marriage, parenting, school, life, gardening – I think that’d be really amazing to have in a box. Even if it’s not that kind of advice, but also stories of insecurity, challenges, and the hardships they went through too. So, it’s not all like, “do this and your marriage will be perfect,” but instead this is what happened, this is what I learned, and it’s ok if it ends with just, “Yeah, that really sucked. I went through that.” I’d love to have all of that wrapped up in a box – maybe in a safe. I want my kids to feel like this was made for them and for them to feel that they’re so loved and valued by generations before them. I want them to have my stories as their momma from before my as their mom, but also as the part of my life as their mom.
  9. As photographers, our pictures definitely speak volumes, but there’s always more. I’ve been trying to do better at documenting the funny things my kids say, for example. Kendall she doesn’t say, “spaghetti,” she says, “basquetti.” So, I wrote that down, but I wish I would have started a lot sooner.

Another nugget from ep 004:

It’s never too late to start.



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