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#005 – ‘Elicit Emotion’ Obsession? Listen in.

When I speak to my students, they’re often so obsessed with the questions, “do you feel emotion?” or “do you feel the story?” that they’re trying to make ALL of their pictures be universal… to the point they lose sight of their voice from trying so damn hard.

In ep 005, I get up on my soapbox + talk about falling in love with your pictures the way you did BEFORE knowing anything about photography + skill.

Can you remember those days?

The point today is to alleviate some of the pressure to be GREAT.

The pressure to perform.

To be ON all the time.

To constantly be getting better.

And to give yourself a freedom slip to fall in love with your “less than perfect” pictures, because they’re imperfectly perfect.

See unfiltered again.

Unlearn the shooting habits you created from outside influences, so that YOUR beautiful, unique voice thrive again.

Like parenting, outside of making sure your kid is safe, there’s no ONE right way to do things. Still, sometimes we let what we see other parents do make us believe we *should* do something different than our own way. Ya know?

It’s because we create a meaning around whatever “that way” is and what it means if we are / we do (or don’t do) “that” and then behave accordingly. The thing is, often we don’t even realize we’re straying from our truth to be more like (or not like) someone else, because of that meaning we created.

So, open up iTunes, Stitcher, or hit play up at the top to listen to the entire ep. 

Homework for you:

Learn the signs of when your trying to shoot in a way that’s not true to you, so that you can push + grow YOUR voice from learning through your own experiences + the outside influence that honestly speaks to you (because not all perspectives and advice is true for you – including listening to me!).

My fingers are getting all fired up again just typing this out. So, I’m gonna stop, because it’s all in the ep.

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