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#006 – Family Connection + Photography with Justine Curran

Today, I re-listened to this convo with Justine Curran. It happened more than a few months back, so today it felt like something new. I’ve gotta tell ya, I was lit the hell up listening to this thing!

It re-ignited my excitement for our convo, but also for the podcast as a whole + what WE’RE gonna do with this thing. And, I mean WE. You’re included in that, because you’re gonna help me drive this thing when I hear from you in the iTunes reviews.

All in all, this is a wonderful convo to listen to from start to finish, PACKED with stories + lessons learned.

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We cover:

  • Justine’s photography journey up until now
  • the moment that changed her path after spending so much time being a client pleaser (order-taker mode, as I lovingly call it)
  • when she started to understand who she was as a photographer + how she shaped her business to allow her to be more HER, including the client communication shifts that needed to happen
  • Justine as an artist – her point of view around family connection, which isn’t just a buzz-wordy thing. It’s something she lives + breathes in her work, brand, and family model at home
  • the Iconic Photo she submitted (and omgosh get the Mini mag below! I’d never see what she FEELS about this picture without her powerful backstory.)
  • her unexpected compositions + how she does this
  • invading clients’ space + how she warms up her clients

And yeah, gonna stop here. DEFINITELY get the Mini Mag to follow along as you’re listening.


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