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#007 – Marketing, Selling, and Your It Factor with Nick McArthur

I had never heard of Nick. I wasn’t shopping for any kind of help, yet I landed on his site + booked him in like a day. Crazy, right?

Nick McArthur is a Sales Coach + Awesomeness Expert. In real talk: he helps people realize how great they are + be brave enough to use the things that make them different as a selling FEATURE, instead of a weakness.

Here’s the highlight reel of our chat:

  • I gush over his website copy and ask him HOW he hooked me so fast (and he really delivered on his response!)
  • Selling pictures vs. selling you
  • His marketing style – which appears little to none on the typical IG / FB channels and piqued my interest (he calls it: the Slow Burn)
  • Super generalized gender roles in sales – such a cool perspective from Nick as a Trans Man that had me nodding ‘that’s so true!’ (in my experience as a female) the whole time
  • How Nick + his wife manage their family of 7’s memories!
  • Lastly, he shares his Iconic Photo submission with us

…so much goodness!

And, this is the Iconic Photo Nick submitted from client coverage:

Iconic Photo in Family Photography

Nick’s words on this picture:

[Timestamp: 48:43]

I did their engagement, wedding, first child maternity, first child newborn, and now second child newborn photos. They’re really comfortable with me.

They’re your classic parents of one kid quickly gone to two.

It’s like:

We have another kid and our first kid is sort of being a dictator, because she’s like:

‘What the hell? Your life needs to revolve around me, and now it’s not, and I’m a little bit uhhhh.’

I love that she’s fully leaning right up against mom, her arm on her shoulder, and she’s like:

‘I’m still owning you. I can tell you’re distracted, but it’s fine, I’ll distract myself also with this television.’

And, the way Scott’s looking at his wife is the exact same way he looked at her 5 years earlier during their engagement photos. You know, when couples are so in love that they’re a little bit stammery over each other? He looks at her the exact same way.

It’s just one of my favorites. Their house is a mess, there’s toys everywhere, b/c they’re like:

‘Well, the 3-year-old gets what she wants at this point, because we don’t have time to argue with her about it. She wanted nothing to do with the photos, because they weren’t about her – they were about her sister…’

…and it was this: ‘well, I guess we’re gonna let you watch super amounts of television and play with all the toys everywhere and this is just LIFE.’

It’s the chaos of a new baby, the exhaustion, and the love.

I remember bringing home new babies and remembering how much love you were overwhelmed with, but also the intense chaos around you as well. It’s all the overwhelm and all the good, bad, and indifferent ways. This photo captures those first days with a newborn, so perfectly to me.



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