#008 – Loosen Your Grip | Fearless and Framed

#008 – Loosen Your Grip

A surgery prep call with the hospital prompted me to explore the question: How do you cope with stress? 

My response was: I look at what’s happening and take one step forward.

But, what does that look like?

THAT’S what I explore in this ep.

The woman on the phone meant stress in terms of health + finances. It gave me the idea to share how I protect my BUSINESS when LIFE happens, so that you can keep some of these wisdom nuggets in your back pocket.

The highlight reel: 

  • I share what I’ve been up to lately / the life + biz currently on my plate (skip to about 11 mins in if you just wanna get to the goods)
  • 5 synchronicities in my thought-process to deal with stress turned into reflection Q’s for you

The questions:

  • Start here: What’s going on right now: what’s your stress story? Write it out.
  • Is this a fact or a feeling? (thanks Kyla Roma)
  • How can I simplify this / make it fun? (thanks NEB)
  • How do I feel and what does that mean? (thanks Susan Ferraro)
  • Beyond THE THING (the problem), what do I need right now?
  • What’s the perception? Sub-Question 1: Why is this bothering me? Sub-Question 2: What could this perception mean about them? Sub-Question 3: What could I do differently next time?


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