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#009 – Life-Proof Your Business

Do you ever feel like your business is at a complete stand still if you’re not working – behind the laptop, the lens – whatever that looks like for you? I’ve been there.

I listened to this podcast a long time ago, I don’t remember which one, but they had Mariah Coz, Founder of Femtreprenuer. She said something profound (to me): she wanted to Mariah-proof her business. Meaning, she wanted to create a business that operated without her. I’d heard of creating systems and knew that when you’re the Visionary, you’ve got people doing the operations for you (a team), but that “Mariah-proof my business” stuck with me.

How can you, [your name]-proof you business?

In this ep, we talk about:

  • 3 different systems I’ve focused on: to gain pre-potential clients, team tasks, and selling products / programs
  • 10 Things That Have Life-Proofed My Biz (so you can pick + choose what you might wanna try)
  • My own LIFE context around this ep (both life that’s been happening + work I’ve been pouring out)

“You don’t need to be consistent, but your business needs to be consistent.” – Susan Ferraro

10 Ways to Life-Proof Your Biz

  1. Have a library of Timeless Content with purpose [9:39]
  2. Use a Marketing Calendar as your baseline [15:00]
  3. Do ONE thing at a time [17:43]
  4. Outsource or have an outsource plan [18:50]
  5. Make early time investments to build up your systems [20:02]
  6. Do a monthly check-in [22:10]
  7. Practice consistent mindset work [23:02]
  8. Express yourself freely + regularly [25:34]
  9. Ask for feedback [27:09]
  10. Loosen your grip [28:28]


How to get your life back on track

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