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#014 – Simple Marketing + Promos that Worked for Michelle McKay

Have you heard of Michelle McKay? She’s absolutely lovely! She’s not just another talented photographer. Michelle is also a wordsmith, making you FEEL something with her words. She’s quite brilliant in how she’s marketed her business so far and eagerly shares her wisdom with us not just in this episode, but in the photography community in general.

We’re focused on business today, but if you’re not in business, still listen in. Around 17 minutes in, Michelle and I talk about what happens when you print your photos and the affects that hanging photos on your walls has on your children – a surprise to us both considering printing started as a selfish act that delightfully turned selfless.

In this ep, we talk about:

  • Going from scared to spend on an expensive camera to starting a business – LOVE her reason behind starting that’s different than what I hear often
  • Her first steps in getting her first clients
  • Genius marketing moves through Instagram and in her new community – yes – she actually MOVED while in the beginning stages of her business and worked with that instead of letting that be a setback or excuse
  • How working with a local business once – at a discount – has brought in a wave of clients
  • What prints on your walls does for your kiddos
  • Ins + outs of a promo that filled up her winter season, changed her business model after its success, and used the revenue to invest in sample products for IPS (which she’s crushing, by the way)
  • How she’s built an open, trusting, helpful, genuine relationship with her social media following
  • Wrap up with her two different Iconic photos that share a similar purpose as a reminder she needs frequently (me too! #kindredhearts I tell ya)

Enjoy the story.

Michelle’s Iconic Photos:

36 minutes in – she tells the backstory to both of these photos.

Favorite Quotes:

I want clients to have documentary images loud and proud on their walls.

Printing the pictures changes it from to being a virtual thing to being something real that influences your life in quite a profound way, every day.

The sense of self, belonging, and identity that your kids get just from seeing themselves pictured on the walls of your home every day is just a phenomenal benefit.

I had no idea that was going to happen – I was initially printing for me, because it makes mefeel good. It gives me joy and gives me a little smile when I’m walking along the hallway – being so important to THEM is something I hadn’t anticipated.

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