#015 – Learning from Life + Through Doing with Seshu | Fearless and Framed

#015 – Learning from Life + Through Doing with Seshu

Today’s guest is Seshu, a photographer from Connecticut and also the Founder of Tiffinbox, which is a wonderful resource site for photographers.

His site reminds me of StumbleUpon.com, but for photographers. Have you heard of Stumble? You put in your interests, hit “Stumble,” and it serves up a random web page. I assure you, you go into a rabbit hole of really cool things you never would have thought to look for otherwise.

Tiffinbox reminds me of that, but for photographers. You don’t have to put in your interests, because Seshu has been collecting some of the best nuggets for photographers and bookmarking them for all of us to enjoy.

Seshu and I met in real life last year at the 2017 Connecticut PPA’s Annual Connection. He invited me to speak on Intentional Documentary™ which was an awesome, energizing experience for myself.

What I love most about Seshu is his naturally curious mind. He must be one of the most well-connected people I know – it seems like he knows all the photographers!

It’s not about who he knows or how many people. To me, it’s a true testament to the fact that he’s always learning and excited to learn.

He’s open to other people’s points of view.

He’s a listener. He listens before he makes an opinion + judges. I think some of us are stuck in our own little bubble and don’t branch out from that. There’s a lot to learn from how Seshu learns.

I wanted to pick his brain on the Seshu inside of his work and talk to him about how he shows up as a photographer.

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In this ep, we talked about:

  • his journey and what he got out of formal education – I’ve always wondered what I’ve missed out on, since I don’t have that background
  • Seshu’s voice + how his pictures weave a relative mix of being loved, being important, and being present
  • his parents – both through pictures and also their influence on this work with a beautifiul 2-part lesson they gave him, that stuck with him – that we can all learn from and finally
  • we wrap with talking about the Iconic photo he shared with us.

Enjoy the story.

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