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#017 – Pricing Documentary Family Photography with Ashleigh Raddatz

PRICING. Need I say more? This is the biggest pain point I see in our community. There’s so many questions from “how do I choose my model and price points?” to the mindset blocks, like, “I wouldn’t pay for this!”

Ashleigh Raddatz, Co-Founder of Documentary Family Photography Worldwide, and I crossed paths earlier this year. She told me about her pricing class, Make Some Damn Money, and I was hooked.

It’s so much more than just a numbers class + a confidence boost, which we’ll get into later.

Ashleigh has this honest candor about her that I love while being empowering and uplifting. She never makes you feel small for your Q’s, ya know?

In this ep, we cover:

  • Her journey as a photographer
  • DFP’s missions of changing the perspective on what family is + show photographers that success IS possible (coming from 2 photographers in Europe – they believed if we can do this, everyone can)
  • Pricing beyond the typical equation of: time, $ for expenses + taxes, & how you want to show up – what do people miss in this simple math?
  • Pricing at the beginning of your business – “when do I price for profit?”
  • Selling products – what to sell
  • How to decide between collection, inclusive, or a la carte + IPS or online gallery – blew my mind!
  • How to do better in the online gallery model
  • Upselling advice
  • Being competitive without undercutting your value (she’s so much less)
  • Testing your market
  • Sprinkling of mindset + language shifts throughout

Oh my gosh, so much!

Enjoy the money story.

An Iconic Photo from Ashleigh:

Documentary Family Photography - Pricing

“This is my own family + also what pushes me to do this with other families. This is my husband + 2 boys. It’s not the most technically perfect photo, but I love it. I have it HUGE in my house.

We got to the Baltic Sea every year + every year since my oldest was a year old, we’ve tried to get him interested in flying kites. He’s not interested.

He’s on the Autism Spectrum – for people that don’t know, trying to get someone on the Autism Spectrum interested in something they’re not interested in just doesn’t work. He’s like, ‘Whatever, mom. This is not cool.’

So, this year, he was really interested in Star Wars (he still is). So, I found a Star Wars kite and this was the first year he was interested. He was just running back + forth, just SO excited looking up! So, I love that.

It was my husband so determined every year to get our kid interested in a kite – and he never was, but he tried every year anyway – and Auggie looking up finally like, “Yeah, we got this!” Then, my littlest in the background – which is totally him. He’s always off in his own little land collecting seashells, digging holes, and pulling seaweed from the ocean – doing his own little thing.

So for me, it’s not technically perfect, but it’s perfect for me and I love that it’s a significant moment to us.” – Ashleigh Raddatz

Quotes from Ashleigh:

“Everyone’s taking photos of the Eiffel Tower + I’d be more interested in the people around the Eiffel Tower.” – Ashleigh Raddatz

“Be their guide.” – Ashleigh Raddatz

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