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#018 – Keep the Kind Words

I thought it would be fun to do a short + sweet episode on one little wisdom nugget that’s recently been helpful to me – that you’re gonna love – and go through some old “war stories” of mine.

A few weeks ago, I had someone call my stuff “fluff.” My work. This is my heart + soul that I’m putting into the world and I was told it was fluff. Ironically enough, the person who said this has never been a student of mine. So, there’s that.

In the same week, I received the SWEETEST email, which also made its way to the Intentional Documentary podcast page in iTunes (so you can read the whole thing there).

Thank you again, Thor! Your words touched my heart.

Here’s one sentence:

“You’re doing great things. I’m grateful for your spirited persistence in helping provide tools for storytelling and how others are seeing themselves and the world around them. Keep up the good work.”

So, total opposite end of the spectrum, right?

What I’ve been doing is collecting my testimonials, which I’ve always done and I’m sure you have too (all the screenshots, saved emails, etc.).

What I’ve neglected to do is actually PUT the kind words somewhere that’s easily accessible and I can go there on a moment’s notice.

I launched The Preservation Project again in May 2018 and my launch was less than perfect (that story shared in episode 011). There’s an extended part of the program that was in creation mode then, my self-doubt kicked into overdrive, and I looked at this collection of kind words.

Not just testimonials for my products, but also kind words about the F&F site, my teaching, and video testimonials too.

Having all of that in ONE place helped me get out of my mindset funk.

So, in this ep, I share:

  • More about this one-stop-shop I’ve created for my incoming kind words (so you can do it too)
  • Some of my “war stories” to show that you’re not alone in online criticism for expressing your heart

Enjoy the {short} story.

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