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#020 – Staying Fueled Through Personal Projects with Stacey Ilyse

Did you know that I almost had a co-host? I did! I listened to my first few episodes in April 2017 and thought, ‘Man, I am BORING. I think I’d drown myself out.’ So, I wanted a co-host to breathe some life into my serious, all-business side and immediately Stacey Ilyse came to mind.

Our paths crossed in early 2016 when she was a student of Mastery Moment-Seekers. This was when I rant he program live for 12 weeks – where I spoke to the students on small group calls each week for 12 weeks. I got to know Stacey (and the rest of my students really well). Stacey came across as this tenacious yet skeptical person. She asked a lot of questions and wasn’t afraid to challenge me, like, “Marie, are you sure? Because….” and she’d give me her perspective.

I LOVE when students do that and don’t just take your word and run for it. I love when they need you to go deeper. It makes you, as the teacher, look at your thoughts from a new perspective and overall you become a better teacher.

(So thanks, Stacey! xo)

This quality made me think Stacey would be a great interviewer when we have guests on. She’d ask some awesome Q’s!

Not to mention, the woman has a delightfully fun + witty personality. I love that she’s kinda with me in this photograph freely – your lens, your way – mission. She’s not about to box you into some sort to label. Her work is an exceptional representation of how doing whatever the hell you want can make your work amazing – and that’s just being a photographer, not trying so hard to cross your t’s + dot your i’s to be a TYPE of photographer.

So, I’m really pumped for you to learn from Stacey today.

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On the co-host front:

I asked her, she said yes, and we recorded a few episodes. Then, life happened and we both kept pushing the podcast off (more so me!). Finally, I asked, “do you still wanna do this?” and we decided to not move forward together – no hard feelings of course – and she’s jumped into another passion: Essential Oils.

In this ep, we cover:

  • The bond of sisterhood and how that fuels Stacey
  • how her 365 has affected her beyond technical growth
  • connecting with your subjects WHILE still documenting
  • connecting with potential clients through personal work
  • details on Stacey’s Breaking the Glass Ceiling class including ONE lesson she finds she’s frequently teaching (it may be a good one for you)
  • and, as always, we wrap with her Iconic photo

Enjoy the story.

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