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#021 – All About Launching with Business Strategist Kyla Roma

In the past 3 years of working with lifestyle + documentary family photographers, I’ve witnessed so much marketing strategy that’s the kitchen sink of marketing tasks: CONSTANT OUTPUT. Ever feel like you’re running a factory over there?

When you’re balancing all the other things you’re doing in your business, these marketing “tasks” feel draining and (if you don’t get an instant reward) like a total waste of time.

In helping my students / our community (you!), uncover the stories inside of you that’ll connect you with your potential dreamies, I’ve seen the immediate-following disappointment around:

“I’m putting SO MUCH into my business and I’m not getting clients.”

It’s a mindset of expecting:

Connection spark = booking


every effort = booking

It’s just not how it works. Much like Nick said in episode 007, it’s a slow burn, friend.

So, I brought on my friend, Kyla Roma.

I worked with her almost all of 2016 on my business. After that, we stayed in an accountability group together and, then, I just recently came back to her to work with her on another project.

(you know exactly what I’m talking about if you listened to episode 011)

So who is she?

Kyla Roma is a marketing + profitability strategist.

She’s a wealth of wisdom, but what I love about her most is that she keeps it all simple, yet IMPACTFUL.

Kyla knows how to get results, yet she’s also down to earth. She never makes you feel like she’s light years ahead of you in business (and she knows it). You know what I mean?

She always makes me feel like a confident, competent business owner. So, I brought her on to tell you all about “launching.”

If you’re rocking your own kitchen sink of marketing tasks on top of everything else that your’e doing – you’re probably NOT launching. And, you should be. Or, at least – consider learning how to launch.

In this IDP ep, we cover:

  • Why “Launching” is a really smart way for you to spend your marketing time on your business
  • Reframing what the outcome goal should look like for your first, second, and beyond launch
  • Kyla provides us with an impromptu “launch menu” (because launching isn’t one-size-fits-all)
  • What to do in-between selling launches to build an audience to launch to (because it’s no fun launching when no one’s listening)
  • Finally, we wrap with Kyla’s Iconic Photo + how she’s managing her family memories.

Enjoy the story.

Kyla’s Iconic Photo: 

[jump to 52:55 for the full story]

“We’ve been together 14 years this year and we didn’t know what was in front of us then, but there was so many good things to come. It’s just a picture of him looking out into the city and us being in a place that we really love. I like the framing of it – it’s a little unconventional and I like that about it.

I like that it shows us in a place of hope.” – Kyla Roma

Launching for Creative Entrepreneurs

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