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#023 – Filming Life, Music, and Teaching Workshops with Allison Redmon

Allison Redmon sent me an email about how successful her beginner level photography workshops have been after using Profitable Photography Workshops. She booked herself solid using these fun, easy workshops in a small town in Saudi Arabia! Pretty cool, right?

I learned real quick that Allison is also wicked talented in doing family films. You’d look at her work and would think she’s been doing this for years, but she only picked up this skill after an in-person workshop in 2017. I promise, you’ll be blown away viewing her films (links to a few below). Today, she offers Day in the Life film + photography packages for her clients and, like I said, (at the time of recording) she’s booked solid. 

Additionally, Allison’s path has evolved even more. She’s now working as the Academy Manager for the Filming Life Academy, an online filmmaking school founded by Courtney Holmes that opened Spring of 2018. She’s also put her formal Bachelors and Masters in Music Education to great use by hosting the Discover the Power of Music & Audio for Family Films Masterclass at the Filming Life Academy.

In this convo, we cover:

  • Allison’s shooting workflow + business process. I was curious how long she needs to shoot for a film that ends up being 3-4 minutes long and how she manages both filming AND shooting stills with her clients – Allison gives us a great look at it all
  • The power of music: how it can be a beautiful tool to strengthen the experience your clients have with their film, Allison’s Masterclass, and where Allison buys her music
  • All the workshop goodness: Why PPW + why teaching was a no-brainer for Allison.
  • Allison’s story on becoming booked out – that’s right, booked solid – using workshops
  • The power of workshops evolving from your inner circle to an outer network of warm strangers
  • What Allison’s been doing to keep her workshop students engaged AFTER the workshop
  • A SMART strategy in your promo photos for your workshops

Allison’s Iconic Photo story:

[jump to 34:41 in the episode to listen in]

“This is from summer 2017, when I officially became a photography business. This was shot in Houston – we’re there 2 months every year. This is me literally coming out of having twin hell (lol) – having twins is no joke! We thought we were prepared for it, but we weren’t quite. They turned 1 ½ and it felt like, “Ok, we kind of survived.”

This picture shows me the chaos that is: life with twins.

This was after lunch, everyday, they would sit in my lap and I’ve got a 3-year-old right in there – you can see her legs sticking out. There’s 3 freakin’ people on my lap right there and it just blows my mind. It’s not a great picture. I’m out of focus. My husband took this. I had to set the settings for him, but I didn’t know if he could do it – he doesn’t really take pictures.

It’s really Iconic to me, because it’s me emerging from having twins and it’s the beginning of an explosion in my photography business, and me taking a little more time for myself and what I love: photography and film-wise.

It says so much even though it’s technically a terrible picture.”

Enjoy the story.

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