#025 – Shooting + Sharing Your Truth with Angela Yarbrough | Fearless and Framed

#025 – Shooting + Sharing Your Truth with Angela Yarbrough

I came across Angela Yarbrough over on Instagram, because of a photograph with a four-wheeler in it. I’ve got a soft place in my heart for all things motorsports. I grew up in northern Michigan, so I was always on a quad or snowmobile. So, this picture stood out to me and I went to her feed. I mean, that’s what happens on social media, right?

When I landed on Angela’s feed, it wasn’t what my typical experience in landing on another photographer’s feed. Most of the time, it seems like most of the shares are a big spotlight of their children. I’m guilty of it too! Not that there’s any real guilt – there’s nothing bad around that – but what I noticed about Angela’s, I felt a different experience vibe. I wasn’t only getting a piece of her life (her child), I was getting more of the big picture.

We are all MORE than a parent. Maybe you’re not a parent and maybe there’s a trend with ONE thing you’re sharing. That’s the overall thing here. If we’re all focused on only 1-2 things that we’re sharing, how can we give a little more of the bigger picture?

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In this episode, we talk about: 

  • how Angela intuitively documents her life and how she’s decided NOT to pursue the documentary family photography approach in her business (at least, right NOW)
  • how online interaction affected Angela’s photography
  • documenting her life beyond her child and motherhood
  • how Angela’s managing her family memories
  • what working with models taught Angela
  • and, lastly, about teaching kids the importance of pictures

Enjoy the story.

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