#030 – Cultivate Your Relationship with Photography with Ashley Manley | Fearless and Framed

#030 – Cultivate Your Relationship with Photography with Ashley Manley

Ashley Manley and I kind of go way back – we crossed paths right around the time I opened Fearless and Framed. We had similar journeys getting started in our client businesses and both had a spark to document life for clients.

She’s written for us at F&F a few times – my favorite is an older piece, called Document the People Around Us, Not Just the Kids. It’s about honoring the OTHER relationships in your life, like friendships, for example. I don’t know about you, but it feels like this epidemic of only photographing + sharing our kid work, when we have other important people in our lives too!

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In this convo, we cover:

  • Signals that prompted change in Ashley’s photography journey
  • Ashley’s decision to pause her client business
  • What cultivating a relationship between Ashley + her photography looks like
  • Jumping into shooting + developing film
  • Making pictures + having pictures: what Ashley gets out of both

Enjoy the story.

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