#039 – Story of the Month: Uncle Perry by Dreama Spence | Fearless and Framed

#039 – Story of the Month: Uncle Perry by Dreama Spence

This is a brand new thing here in episode 039 on the Intentional Documentary Podcast: The Story of the Month.

One thing I want you to get out of this podcast is little sparks of stories you may be overlooking in your own life, so that you can respond to them.

I’ll start sharing stories that we’ve published on F&F or that listeners submit with some probing questions at the end to look at your own life.

Sound good?

Enjoy the story.

Today’s Story of the Month comes from photographer, Dreama Spence.

We published this story in the fall 2018, which you can read in full here or simply listen via the podcast player above.

Family memories in pictures

At the heart of the story, Dreama saw her Uncle for WHO he is—a piece of WHO he is to her and his neighborhood.

Reflection Questions for you:

  1. Maybe you don’t have an Uncle like Dreama’s Uncle Perry, but who’s important in your life that you could acknowledge better?
  2. Who do you think of when you think of YOUR neighborhood or community? What are they doing? What role do they play?
  3. Who could you look at the vivid, mental image in your mind of WHO they are and put that in a tangible format while you can – whether in a picture or another format?

Do that this week!

Then, show us what’cha got! Tag me in on IG @fearlessandframed or email us. We may select you to get published on our Journal or be the next Story of the Month.

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