#040 – Personal and Professional Photo Organizing with Cathi Nelson | Fearless and Framed

#040 – Personal and Professional Photo Organizing with Cathi Nelson

Think about the state of your photos for a sec. How’s it going over there?

  • You’ve got some printed, but even more growing lost in DigiNeverland?
  • Thousands of photos unseen on your hard drive?
  • 5 figures worth of photos + video clips stored on your phone & in the cloud?
  • What about the photos full of stories from your childhood? Those at your parents’ house?

Isn’t it time we DO something about that?

In episode 040, I speak with the Founder of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers, Cathi Nelson. This group is a lot like us in the documentary community—it’s not about the “pictures” per se, it’s about people + stories.

Cathi talks to us about photo organizing for yourself & as a lucrative business.

Enjoy the story.

So, what a cool episode, right?!

This has all been a topic we’ve not talked about and I’m thrilled to know there’s a real community to help people with this photo chaos we create for ourselves.

Homework for you this week:

Slow down & LOOK at the state of all your preservation pieces and ask yourself:
What’s one thing I can do next to make sure my stories (aka pictures, videos, etc.) are SERVING me & the ones I love?

More goodness:

Before you go, do you have a to-remember list?

We kind of move through our days and document whatever comes up along the way in a beautiful, but kind of random way.

What if you tried the Intentional Documentary® approach?

What if you slowed down, looked at different parts of your life first that make you FEEL something big, and then document FROM memory? It’s a very different vibe than running around afraid you’re gonna miss something! I think you’ll like it.

So I’ve put together a PDF to help you evaluate different areas of your life that haven’t been documented yet: The To-Remember List.

I hope you’ll keep it close, so when a story pops up on your heart, you have a place to jot it down in a word or a phrase that’ll evoke the story to document later.

This practice helps elevate your awareness to things that deeply matter to you and cranks up your ability to anticipate your next opportunity to document it.

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