#054 – Story of the Month: Sara & The Beach House | Fearless and Framed

#054 – Story of the Month: Sara & The Beach House

This month’s story is Sara and the Beach House and comes from photographer Angela Douglas Ramsey. This is from Angela’s personal project and spoke deeply to me, which I’ll share more about after the reading.

Enjoy the story.

Ah I just love sharing these stories!

Reflection Questions:

  1. What did Sara and the Beach House spark for you?
  2. Who’s a person in your life that documenting them could lead to a stronger bond?
  3. What meaningful spaces are in your life that have stories that live in your mind that you’d love to see in a tangible format?

Until next time, stop looking so hard for your next photo.

Slow down and start allowing your memory to serve up opportunities to record what matters most when you’re not even looking.

Have a great week!

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