#055 – 3 Copywriting Checkpoints with Rachel Greiman | Fearless and Framed

#055 – 3 Copywriting Checkpoints with Rachel Greiman

If you think the success of your photography business is all about the quality of your photos… meaning, alllll your attention is going to being a better photographer…

Or you’re sharing your work consistently and wondering why no one is knocking on your inbox door…

…you’ve gotta listen to this episode with Rachel Greiman of Green Chair Stories all about YOUR WORDS.

Rachel is a photographer and copywriter. Our paths crossed years ago somewhere on Facebook and I’ve recently hired her for some copy work for Fearless and Framed. I’ve got more to tell you about that AFTER the episode.

We’re talkin’ 3 of my favorite topics:

  • documentary family photography
  • writing
  • and expressing from your authentic voice.

I’m like “mic drop” over here, because those 3 things need no elaboration. #nerd

Enjoy the story.

Rachel’s 3 Copywriting Checkpoints for Documentary Family Photographers:

  • On your website: answer THE HOW
  • Your Instagram bio
  • Your email responses

Listen to the podcast for full explanations on each.

Rachel’s Iconic Photo:

Reflection Question for You:

Do you know your authentic voice?

  • If not, how can you make space to find that voice again?
  • If so, how can you make it more vibrant and clear?

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