#057 – Pat Flynn on Strengthening Your Inner Boss Skills + Creating Superfans

Today’s guest is Pat Flynn(!!!). Have you heard of him before?

What a dream and a privilege and an honor to interview him, first of all. In case you’ve never heard of him, Pat is family-centric, wildly successful entrepreneur. He owns several successful online businesses. He’s a professional blogger, keynote speaker, and he’s published multiple books and podcasts—one podcast he does with his SON. How cool is that? What a fun way to document conversations with your kids!

We talk about:

  • the podcast with his son, All of Your Beeswax
  • Pat’s new tripod, Switchpod
  • Pat’s new book, Superfans
  • the lessons Pat learned as an entrepreneur that he wishes he’s learned earlier in life
  • and more!

Enjoy the story…

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