#058 – Summer Reflections + Q&A | Fearless and Framed

#058 – Summer Reflections + Q&A

This will be the FINAL episode hosted on the Fearless and Framed website. Moving forward, all episode show notes will be published under my new brand: Dangerously Good Stories.

I love to reflect on transitioning seasons and invited you along as I reflected on my summer—hoping it’s a chance for you to reflect on the season you’re in alongside me. Then, I answered 3 reader / listener questions.

A few topics covered:

  • A breakdown of what our summer looked like: visitors, vacationing, camp, life at home
  • The simple moment where I felt like a good mom (and thankful I *noticed*)
  • Question Answered: Do you always feel understood?
  • Question Answered: What do you prioritize—family, work or something else?
  • Question Answered: What was something that helped you live presently in each (work + fam)?

Enjoy the story… 

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