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18 Stunning Self Portraits of Motherhood + Inspiring Community

kitchen sink bath photo

Self Portraits of Motherhood Founder, Ellen Covey

Photographer, Ellen Covey, sent me a Facebook message that changed my photography game. She invited me to the group she created for aspiring + elite photographers to connect all based on one topic: Self Portraits of Motherhood

Since Ellen has started this group, it’s grown fast and has now evolved into a Facebook Page Community + Blog (see all of their links at the end of their interview below) for all photographers to share and connect through the idea of getting behind your own lens with your children.

I mean, think about it: How many photos do you have with YOU in them?

I could think of about 5 that I have. I’m sure there are a few more than that, but the point is, all of my photos are of my perspective. Looking back at the photos of my parents and Grandma’s, I have so many of them from their childhood (both of my parents and of my Grandparents), but few are of the photos are of them interacting together. 

I would love to have seen photos of me as a little girl with my mom. I have the memories, but not the proof.

I want my kids to have the proof.

So check it out: the Self Portraits of Motherhood group inspired me to get in front of the lens for my first ever self portrait with my kids. That’s saying something about the impact this group is having already on hundreds of photographers. I feel like many other moms out there: more comfortable behind the camera. I wanna lose the baby weight. I nit-pick every flaw when I see photos of myself. But I didn’t do this for me, I did it for the kids.

So here’s my first selfie with the kids… we have this bench that runs along our windows and we use it for dance parties:

dancing self portait

Fearless and Framed® Founder, Marie Masse

I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. I don’t have a tripod. I used the self timer. I focused on the beam behind me. If I can do this, YOU CAN. I encourage each and every reader (that’s you!) to get in front of your own lens & bookmark this fabulous group!

Now take a few minutes to adventure through this community interview + incredible images.

Mom and Baby Portraits

Self Portraits of Motherhood Founder, Ellen Covey.

self portraits of motherhood

Meghan Nesom

black and white self portrait

Vanessa Day

1. Tell us a little bit about your photography community:

“Self Portraits of Motherhood” – a community where moms can express what motherhood means to them by sharing their genuine + artistic self portraits of real life with children.

We want to encourage each other to get in front of the camera, and create something priceless for our children to keep forever. We also want to capture the beauty of motherhood, while embracing the (sometimes messy!) reality of life as a mom.

2. What’s the mission + philosophy behind your community (why was it started)?

I started the group with the mission to encourage photographer moms to get in the pictures with their family. I never want a mom to have to answer questions like, “Did you go on vacation with us too, mommy?” or “How come only daddy played with us as babies?”

Some people may suggest hiring a photographer to capture these moments, but I think there’s sometimes more meaning behind self portraits, because I, as the mom, get to interpret + capture motherhood in my own way, not the way another photographer might see it and capture it. The pictures could come out just beautiful, but the images would be from their perspective, not my own.  .

3. What sparked the idea for your community?

After publishing a blog post on my photography website about my love for capturing photos of real life in a more documentary style, and including several self portraits within the post, I received lots of positive feedback and encouragement, and also MANY questions about how to do self portraits.

It got me thinking about how often self portraits are a forgotten subject within the photography communities. We often talk of how to get better pictures of our children and our family, but forget that WE are part of that family and we need to be documented, too!

I decided something needed to change. A few weeks later, I started a group for photographer mommies to share their images and encourage each other to get in front of the camera more. Immediately moms started joining, and posting pictures, and commenting on how inspired they were to take their own self portraits with their children. The group continued to grow, and within 2 weeks there were over 140 beautiful mommy and baby self portraits captured and posted to the page. 

Lynzi Berg Photography

Lynzi Berg.

perspective of motherhood

Lynzi Berg

4. How can photographers contribute?

Our community page is currently holding themes to get your creative juices flowing and there are chances to be featured on the “Self Portraits of Motherhood” blog every week! Photographers can also email me with any post ideas they may have for the blog or any special images with background stories that might be of interest to our readers. .

5. Do you have a signature hashtag for people to use on Instagram for possible repost features?

Yes! Our hashtag is #spomh (Self Portraits of Motherhood). We’d love to feature your beautiful mommy and baby selfies! 

low light self portrait

Michelle Trotta


Self Portraits of Motherhood Founder, Ellen Elizabeth Photography

Chelsea Marie Photography

Chelsea Marie Photography

Baby nursing photo

Lauren Hardy

Hello Olivia Photography

Hello Olivia Photography 

6. Do you have a blog and accept guest blog submissions?

Yes! We have a blog and we are always looking for guest posts, and images to feature.

In-Home mom and daughter photo

Cosmic Capture Productions

mom and son portrait

Little Fish Photo

Lifestyle Photo of Mom and Baby

Yashanti Photography

7. Who are the Founders/Creators and/or Organizers of your community?

Self Portrait Photo Group

Ellen Covey – Founder, WebsiteInstagram

I live in Southern CA with my husband, and our 14-month bundle of girly cuteness. I love DIY projects and learning new skills. My best ideas come right before bed or in the middle of the night. I am very easily inspired by the simplest things, and Google and Pinterest are my best friends..

documentary mom and baby

Angela Yarbrough – Organizer, Instagram

I reside in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and almost 9-month-old son, Ezra. I fell in love with photography in 2009 while serving in the US Army. Photography was something that allowed me to be creative in a cookie cutter world. My love for photography has shaped me into the person I am today. I started off shooting models and more fashion styled shoots and after I became pregnant with my son, I became drawn to empowering mothers and more family centered, lifestyle photography. I love and live for keeping the arts alive.

mother and baby photos

Ashley Hancock – Organizer

I live in the Midwest with my photographer husband, and 2 littles that keep me on my toes. I gather ideas and inspiration from Instagram and Facebook, as well as in every day life. I love being involved with others and following each other’s journeys. In my rare spare time, I enjoy playing video games and taking care of our zoo of animals. I have so many subjects to take photographs of. I dream of traveling to the Southern West for photography shoots in the near future though.

8. You can visit the Self Portraits of Motherhood community at the following links:

Browse more powerful self portraits on Instagram.

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