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5 Images 1 Story – a Photography Blog Circle

Have you ever participated in an accountability group? There are many types – some for business, some for personal growth, and in blogging, participating in a blog circle is a fantastic way to have some added accountability to keep your blog fresh.

One thing I’m super proud of in our free Facebook Group, several photographers have off various blog circle groups. I’ve volunteered to rotate my own participation in these groups to push my own artistic abilities and also to give them all some Fearless and Framed blog love.

First up, I jumped into a circle with the ladies of 5 on 5. This group strives to create 5 images that tell a story and they share their stories on the 5th of each month. So before you hit the back button or close the tab, make sure you click on and take a journey through the stories. First visit the very talented photographer, Danielle MacInnes and check out her 5 on 5 story HERE.

Here is my 5 on 5 story. My parents bought little recliner chairs for my kids last Christmas… who knew they would turn into a jungle gym?!

DSC_1155web DSC_1156web DSC_1157web DSC_1158web DSC_1146web

In case you scrolled to the bottom (busted!), take a peek at more 5 image stories starting with Danielle MacInnes over HERE.

I challenge you to participate in a blog circle to push your own creativity and also to keep yo’ work fresh!

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