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7 Day Storyteller’s Challenge Case Study 02

Wouldn’t you feel like you had the coolest mom ever if let your kiddo “register” for their 4th birthday at their favorite store?!

Photographer Jessica Swartout from Florida is that cool mom!

She photographed this story for her second round of the 7 Day Storyteller’s Challenge. Jessica created a photo story of her mornings at home with her family and those photos turned out fabulous (see here). Then, she did this session as a second try for the story.

This brings me to my point: you grow better with practice!

I asked Jessica 3 questions about her thoughts on doing the 7 Day Storyteller’s Challenge.

Here are her responses:

1. What made you sign up for the 7 Day Storyteller’s Challenge? Did you have any fears going into the challenge?

I’ve been gravitating towards more of a lifestyle approach to my portrait sessions, so when I saw the challenge I was so incredibly excited to get a better look into true documentary style photography. There were so many things you said in your blogs and even in the Challenge info that just spoke to me. “Do you feel like a cookie cutter photographer…” “Do you get tired of posing your families…bringing props…” etc. “YES!! That’s me!!!” I shouted at the computer! Haha!

2. What was the biggest lesson you learned walking away from the challenge?

There were so many, but one thing that I loved—and was actually shared on the first day of the challenge—was the pre-planning portion of a session. How simple to think of it literally like writing a story. “There needs to be a thesis; a who, what, where, when…” GENIUS! Reading that, it was like a light clicked on and really made be understand how to put everything I want to do, all together for my client, into a perfect story.

3. Do you plan to incorporate what you learned into client-based sessions?

ABSOLUTELY! I’m currently working on building my portfolio in Storytelling Sessions and I’ll be taking submissions to do a couple of free ones to have a variety and get “real time” experience. I look forward to really launching that part of my brand in 2016!

Take a look at her photos.




















You can see her full blog post here over on her site (click here). Then, follow Jessica Swartout at the following links: 

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