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A Baby Gender Reveal with a Documentary Approach

What do you do when rescheduling a planned outdoor session is simply not an option? First, you look for a covered location; I usually run to a college campus, or a catholic school (their architecture are usually nice for families or couples sessions).

This time was different.

I felt inspired and my client was into the idea. Win win! I’m all set and ready for this ‘gender-reveal-maternity-session’ but, low and behold, the whole family is sick, except for the mom-to-be. So, I suggested we go to what I consider a mom’s paradise (need I say more?).

None other than: Target

Why Target, you might ask? Because, HELLO!, a) it’s Target – THE go-to place for moms that want to catch a break from their families, and b) if I have to use artificial lighting, theirs is (in my humble opinion) uh-may-ZING! Plus their white floors will bounce the light like WHOA! It was also a strangely perfect option for a gender reveal.

While we were hoping to have balloons for the outdoor session, at Target I simply documented the mother’s reaction to every cute outfit she came across, which was in abundance.

My heart leaps for documentary sessions. There’s beauty in every photography style, but I have a special thing for raw emotions.

This session was particularly unique, because the mother-to-be is also a good friend of mine. Every time she’d see a tutu or a girly outfit, she’d turn to me, so there were a lot of pictures of her staring right into the camera, which gives another dimension to a documentary session.

It’s as if the narrator (or in this case, the photographer), were a witness; taking the perspective of the viewer, or simply part of the session. I’m so glad I was there for her, and with her, to share these moments in her life and the excitement of having a baby girl.

If you want to embark on a similar session type, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

(please share if you do, I’d LOVE to see your photos!)

  • It might be a good idea to check with the store if you have a scheduled session, before you walk in and start taking pictures (in my case, it was a last minute thing, so I walked in hoped nobody would stop me).
  • Try to make sure to keep people’s faces out of the frame or blurred enough, because the last thing you want is to be sued for using someone’s image without consent.
  • Lastly, beware of your surroundings, don’t walk backwards without looking, so you don’t bump into somebody or a display/shelving, be mindful of people that might be trying to walk by but don’t want to walk in front of the camera.







Writing and photography contributed by Evelyn Prosser

About Evelyn Prosser: Evelyn is a lifestyle and documentary photographer based in the San Francisco Bay area. She grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her love for photography started when her family would go on road trips. Her father would make countless stops to take pictures and would share with her what made him stop at that site. She moved to the US back in 2006, got married, and now she’s a mom to a 3 year old very creative girl who inspires and keeps her going. She loves to document every possible moment, from ordinary days to milestones.

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