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A Maternity Outing with Soon-to-Be Big Brother

Melania and I used to work part-time together at a coffee shop. We had so much in common that not much has stood in the way of our friendship throughout the years.

Being an art educator, she’s always loved + valued photography. Naturally, when she became pregnant with her first child, she asked if I’d immortalize her pregnancy on camera, as well as her baby shower, and then newborn pictures.

Once her son had turned 3, and she was pregnant with her second, I inspired her to approach this shoot differently in order to make it more fun for her son.

They chose an outing at the waterfalls near their home, bringing along an early birthday present for their son to open during this fun picnic on a summer’s day.

And what did he find?

A kite of course! It was an extremely enjoyable day. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a session since where the child was this well-behaved. The whole time, he remained extremely engaged + cooperative!

These kinds of photo sessions are perfection, where the family’s little quirks and obvious joy shine through in an authentic way.

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Writing and photography contributed by Gwylan Goddard. 

Gwylan is based out of Montreal, Canada. Follow her at these links:

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