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A Major ADHD Milestone in a Picture

I share a lot about our ADHD journey on Facebook, but not here.

Very long story short, our son has ADHD (emphasis on the H) and it’s been whiplash to navigate—not to mention beforehand, with him living undiagnosed for 2+ years (being that he was so little).

He was diagnosed just after his 5th birthday.

I hated mothering between the years of him being 2.5-5. I hated when Dave went to work and being alone. Then, there was the mountain of shame, because I should feel grateful to be a mom.

I wish I could say it was all better after the diagnosis, but it wasn’t. It was a year with the wrong doctor / practice who didn’t use the full tools available to more accurately learn his body and mind.

After a stint of a 5 medication spaghetti wall in only 6 weeks (Nov – Dec 2019) to see what might work, I sought out a private practice that specializes in ADHD.

Their level of care should be the standard—without the private premiums. He’s THRIVING today.

And yes, I’m still very pro medication for SOME kids in case you’re wondering. It’s changed our lives for the better and given him access to his real self. I get to connect with my son!!!

I’m loving being their mom so much that we’re unschooling now too (school used to be my respite). I’m practically with them 24×7 and… it’s fine. I can hardly believe it!

All of that to say that the trauma of those bad years has stuck in my daughter’s bones.

She used to be afraid of him, and so sometimes, that innate reaction to shield / brace herself comes out—even though we’ve had many wonderful months. Our therapist says this is normal.

Earlier this month, the kids started playing Roblox together.

She’s teaching him the ropes. 

They’ve had very little “together” things thus far. So, you might just see a couple of kids in this photo, in nature, and a pretty backyard—I see a major milestone.

What relationships have grown deeper roots around you?

〰️ Maybe a relationship you’re in?

〰️ Maybe between your kids and the other parent?

〰️ A friend?

Keep an eye out for those sneaky moments that embody that shift and record it.

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