All the Awesome of September in Documentary Family Photography | Fearless and Framed

All the Awesome of September in Documentary Family Photography

In the spirit of unity + community here’s a round-up of all the things (that we know of) happening in the Documentary Family Photography Community this month.


Note from our Founder:

Hello friend!

Last month, I told you how I was doodling out biz plans in the background of our laid back + free summer. Now, that we’ve reached September, I’m ON IT.

Ready to work. How about you?

The difference this time: I’m avoiding the “behind-the-laptop from drop-off to pick-up” routine that I was in before the summer.

Instead, I want more space for PLAY.

This includes lots of hiking in the beautiful, Blue Ridge Mountains, that I shared last week in my IG stories. I asked:

Is that stat crazy or what?!

Our IG report also told me that you guys want to see more Day in the WORK / BIZ Life stuff. I’m committed to doing my best with that – it’ll take some getting used to, but I’m hoping to be helpful in showing you how to leverage your time.

Follow me on this Instagram account for a blend of Day in the WORK / BIZ Life + all things documenting and rocking a Preservation Project.

Follow me on this Instagram account for regular doses of the Blue Ridge Mountains views (keep me accountable to get my booty into the woods)

What are you focused on this month?

Also, this month, how will you do things better than before?

Use your digi-journal below to tell me (aka the comment box!).

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Living Memories to record this month:

  • School happenings – play, choir concert, sports, etc.
  • Family time together/ a family meal together
  • Juxtaposed images with the change of season
  • A day with a special family member
  • Favorite ____________________________

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Session Sparks by Fearless and Framed

Fun Themespiration Calendar

So sorry, we’re a U.S. based company and simply cannot know the calendar of the entire world. We simple pick a few fun ideas from National Day Calendar. Something to add? Comment below!

Save Your Photos Month — When a natural disaster, digital malfunctions or human error occur, treasured memories are lost forever. Save Your Photos Month reminds us to back up our digital pictures, scan and save the vintage ones.

Photo Credit: Dreama Renee Spence‎

• 9/3/18 Labor Day (First Monday in September)
• 9/9/18 National Grandparent’s Day
• 9/13/18 National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day
• 9/30/18 Save Your Photos Day
• 9/30/18 International Podcast Day

Intentional Documentary™ Podcast




  • #019 – A Story on Photographs + Healing After Sudden Loss with Brittni Schroeder
  • #014 – Simple Marketing + Promos that Worked for Michelle McKay
  • #011 – Assessing the Damage (and the Good Stuff) {This is the dirt on  F&F’s biz!}
  • #007 – Marketing, Selling, and Your It Factor with Nick McArthur
  • #002 – Why Intentional Documentary™ is a Movement Worth Paying Attention To {this isn’t a soapbox ep – it’s about THE BIG PICTURE  of what we’re documenting for our lives}




  • #019 – A Story on Photographs + Healing After Sudden Loss with Brittni Schroeder
  • #020 Staying Fueled Through Personal Projects with Stacey Ilyse
  • #021All About Launching with Business Strategist Kyla Roma
  • #022 – 7 Phases to Consider for Your Next Workshop (or Product / Service)
  • #023 – Filming Life, Music, and Teaching Workshops with Allison Redmon

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Cultivating Creativity in the Mundane

with Jessica Mielke, Photo Art  • September 24, 2018 • Online • Register Here
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Earn Some Damn Money

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The first online pricing course made specifically for documentary family photographers where you learn step-by-step how to start making money with your DFP business through proper pricing, sales & tackling money blocks.


FilmingLife Academy

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Community Spotlight

Confluence Magazine

Photo Credit: Katie Jett Walls

We’re so excited to announce that our community member Katie Jett Walls will be debuting her NEW magazine, Confluence. This magazine will be the next step and a go-to for ambitious documentary photographers. Issue One is coming soon – with some remarkable projects by talented emerging photographers, including a feature curated by a leading U.S. photojournalist.

A Quote that hit our hearts

(ya might wanna pin this one!)

Check out our Quotes for Documentary Family Photographers Pinterest Board for more inspiration! It’s new, so bear with us while we grow this baby.

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