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Before We Know It

It’s kind of like the start of a vacation. You have 5-10 days of fun right in front of you and everything to look forward to. Then the end of that vacation arrives and you find yourself thinking, “how did we get here?”

Time flies. It’s like that even in our everyday, mundane, nothing-special (that actually is truly the most special) moments.

This Iconic Photo Submission from Ari Dorfman is a perfect reminder of how life is happening now.

Here’s what Ari had to say about his photo and why it is iconic to him: 

I know my daughter will grow up too quick. It happens to us all and before we know it they will become teenagers and become more independent and adult like. When I took my daughter to the park recently and was watching her play, I wish I could have stopped in that moment forever. I quickly grabbed my camera and began shooting her being carefree and having all the fun in the world. Capturing images like this and preserving her youth is so very important to me. In this iconic photograph, I can actually hear her laughs and giggles as she freely roams and plays in the grass. This is what I want to preserve and cherish forever! 

before we know it


Camera Data: 1/8000 f/5 ISO 400 85mm Fujifilm X20

Ari Dorfman Photography: Website | Instagram

I am a photographer located in South Florida specializing in high school seniors, weddings and families. I have two beautiful children and the most amazing and gorgeous wife ever. I love spending time with my family, hiking and eating pizza………As much pizza as possible!

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