Documentary Family Photography When the Kids are Grown Up

I see many blog posts written by photographers that start with something along the lines of “I got to spend time with…” and I always think about how they should find another way to say it.  But when I sit down to write about this family, all I can think to write about is how I am so lucky to have spent time with them, surrounded by their love.

Such generous love!

I watched these grown-up children play with each other, love and support each other and, most importantly, be kind with each other.

And it gave me hope that my still-small children, who wear me down with their winging and bickering, could one day be just like these siblings.

My tip for documentary photographers is to make use of their live view. If a scene is unfolding before me and there is no time for checking histograms, I quickly flick on my live view to see were my settings are at, and then I’ll instinctively know how far I need to swing my dials to get the feel I’m after.

live awake for your life and the people who matter most

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Writing + photography contributed by Nicole Humphrey

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live awake for your life and the people who matter most

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