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Honestly Documented Contest Collection – XXIV

Hello, November. This collection of images comes from our documentary photography contest submissions from the month of October.

Disclaimer: By posting your photo on our Facebook Timeline, you are giving us permission to feature your photo in our regular blog posts (if chosen) and shared throughout our social media platforms (with credit to you, of course!) + a Pinterest collage of our winners. Readers: Be sure to give credit to the photographer if you pin an image.

Congratulations to the chosen photographers this past month!


Crystal Colfie

“My daughter on Sunday. Sometimes we push our children to be their best. My daughter was upset simply because she didn’t want me to be disappointed.”

documenting emotion

Honestly Honorable Mentions

Dominika Sowa

Dominika Sowa


Holly Nicole (Holly Awwad)

documentary photography


Denise Saba of Catchnkiss Photography
newborn photography


Christine Hurla

photographing baby


Brandi Thompson

documentary photography of older children


Rebekah Baier

“After taking a photograph of this familiar scene, I reflected on the hard work and pure selflessness that my father has modeled my entire life. So grateful to have documented this memory of my dad in his element so I can share him with generations to come.”

photographing adult men


Forever Young Photography (Marlene Sayson)

photographing the everyday moments


Kimberly Walla

photographing reactions


Jen Faith Brown

documenting childhood


Crystal Gonsalves

“This couple has been married for 67 years. When she was asked, what do you most appreciate about him, she said “He is an extrovert, good natured, and he balances me.” He said, “She has always been there, is supportive, faithful, and does everything with me. She isn’t like most women who object to everything!”

photographing older couples


Analicia Herrmann

documentary portrait


Lulu & Duck Photography (Louise Rosson)

“6 days new baby tinkle nappy change!”

documenting powerful moments


My Windblown Hair (Dianna Reddell)

A moment of comfort.
photographing an embrace


Jackie Cuervo

“While visiting my daughter this weekend and chatting over morning coffee I knew I wanted to document this moment of our time together.”

Jackie Cuervo

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