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When a Photo Makes You Wonder What They Will See

Alana sent me this photo and I was mentally transported back to my childhood subdivision. I could see the pavement beneath my bike-pedaling feet on Meinrad Drive so clearly in my head. I remembered the bike ride around the block and those evenings when we would stand at the end of the drive – chatting away with our awesome neighbors. And like her, the impact a photo like this one, which can to spin your mind into a memory nearly forgotten, is one reason I love documentary photography.

I also love and agree with Alana in wondering what they will see later in life looking at this image. Every moment in our lives – even when together – affects each and everyone of us so differently. Especially, as the photographer, when you are an outsider looking in – it will always remain a mystery exactly how your images are seen and felt by those in it. It’s such a cool feeling.

Here’s what Alana had to say about her Iconic Photo:

“I took this image during one of my favorite family sessions to date. The family was taking a walk in their neighborhood, like they do many afternoons. It is a family of boys, so this image represents them as a family and the ‘life of boys’ in general. I love documenting real moments like this; wondering what these brothers will think when they look back on this photo. Will they notice the pink bike their mom bought at a garage sale? Will they miss their dog? Will they be in awe of blonde curls? Will they see their dad, standing beside them? This is why I love documentary photography.”

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Camera Data: Nikon D700, 35mm, 1/200 f/3.5 ISO 250

Alana Rasbach

A little bit about the photographer:
Alana Rasbach is documentary photographer of families, newborns, and births in Nashville, TN. She and her husband recently bought some land and are learning about the beauty and the hard work of agrarian life. Their two boys and cavapoo puppy are along for the ride.

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