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Documenting a Timestamp in Your Life

There is a defining moment every mother can relate to: the moment you realize your last baby is your last. ‘This is it,’ you think to yourself… likely with big, crocodile tears in your eyes. For me, it’s hit home more than once and
I try to embrace baby and toddlerhood as best I can. I absolutely love that Courtney reached for her camera in this defining moment for her. Documenting a timestamp in your life doesn’t have to be an object. It can be a mere moment acting as a door, closing the past behind you and opening to what’s ahead.

What Courtney had to say about her iconic image: 

This photo is iconic to me because my daughter is the last baby that I will have. She is growing bigger everyday, and already she barely fits in our kitchen sink for afternoon baths on hot days. I love the light in this image, the way it shines through her hair and softly wraps around her little body. I love her hand on the windowsill, confidently steadying her while she places bubbles on the edge of the sink. I also filmed this little bath in the kitchen sink. It was the first video I’ve edited and put together and I’m so glad I did it. I was getting teary just making it! I know that this image and the film will be something I treasure in years to come. To remember how little she was, and how carefree and exciting a kitchen sink bath was to her.

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Camera Data: Canon 5D Mark III 35mm, 1/250 f/2.5 ISO 1600

Courtney Holmes Photography | Website 

A little bit about the photographer: 
I’m Courtney. Lover of light, music, and laughter. I love capturing the moments that make us human. The fleeting moments that pass by so quickly, almost like catching a firefly in a jar except mine is forever. I grew up in the Bible Belt of the USA, and moved over to this sunburnt country as a young and in love 20 something. I’m a believer in fate and fairy tales. My work is honest, and moody, and ever evolving. My life is much the same.

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