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Documenting Details: Grandma’s Fridge

This is exactly the kind of photo that fits in the Iconic Blog Series. This photo is a tangible memory for Heather. This photo represents how photography can make an impact on our legacy, our story. You see, this photo goes beyond Heather’s memory. It keeps her Grandma alive. By documenting details, the stories will live on in a stronger manner. It blends Heather’s husband’s family with her own.

There are details in life that you connect with a person and their story. This photo reminds me of my Grandma’s wall of bells.

Homework: I dare you to see what you can find around your home or loved one’s home that will always take you to a memory of them.

Here’s what Heather had to say: 

“This is Rosa’s fridge. Rosa is technically my husband’s grandma, but she so readily adopted me that I feel like she’s my grandma as well. Really, I think everyone can say that about her. My own Grandma Jo passed when I was a teenager. She lived fairly close to us and I remember spending many fun afternoons in her small home playing with my aunt’s old Barbie dolls and eating tomato sandwiches (no one fixed a sandwich like my grandma). I loved walking around looking and learning about all the interesting antiques and heirlooms she collected. But my sister and I, of all the interesting things in her home, loved her magnets. Just seeing any one of those magnets in person or picture would instantly draw me back to that home, those afternoons, and those tomato sandwiches. I only have hazy memories of them now which include lots of cute sheep and lots of inspirational quotes including sheep. But I guess I still hold on to them because they help remind me of who she was, things that inspired her, and things that made her happy. My daughter gets to spend time at her Nana Rosa’s house quite often and she loves the magnets that tell stories of who Nana is and things that she’s done. One day my daughter will only have fond memories of these magnets, but for her they will not be hazy.”

documenting details


Camera Data: Canon 60D, 50mm 1.8 II, 1/100, f/1.8, ISO 400

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A little bit about Heather: I’m a proud wife to my husband, Kevin, who is my biggest supporter. Mommy to Bridget who is my biggest artistic inspiration, and follower of Jesus in who all things are possible. I love finding new meaning in overlooked details and artistic insight in the everyday. I enjoy museums, great food, fun conversation, and a well crafted beverage. I’m very new to photography, but hope to one day be able to help people first recognize and then capture moments in their lives that open their eyes to blessings they have right in their own backyards.

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