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Coloring Easter Eggs in Documentary Family Photography

Last year, we laid out the pink table cloth and did something I hadn’t done since I was a child myself. We colored Easter eggs with our daughter, who was about 2 1/2 years old at the time.

This was her first real year to be able to understand the concept. Creating our own documented memories while coloring Easter Eggs is as easy as pulling the camera out when the activity and motion are in action. It’s about being present and aware of the details that will bring us joy forevermore.

I started with photographing some of the “before” details, such as the eggs in the strainer after being cooled from the boiling water.

Note to self: next time, I’m going to boil & cool a day before. #firsttimemomprobs

documenting easter

I also wanted to document the tools we used today.

It’s funny how some things, like these plastic & metal egg holders, are so much a part of our world when we are young. Years and years pass by that we don’t use them. It had to be 10-15 years since I had dyed Easter eggs.

Yet, when I opened the egg coloring kits and pulled out the supplies, it took me back to my parent’s kitchen and doing this as a child with my little sister.

easter egg coloring

Since I was busy photographing here (don’t worry, I did put my camera down too!), I documenting daddy’s helping hands, teaching, and showing our sweet girl what to do. Then, I shot her venturing out on her own, trying to dip the eggs herself, and settle into the independence that comes along with being a toddler.

Documenting-Easter-Photos_6502 Documenting-Easter-Photos_6503 Documenting-Easter-Photos_6504 Documenting-Easter-Photos_6505

I believe in photographing details of your surroundings and environment too, not just the people.

On this day, the sunset was incredible out our windows. We live in the middle of the country and are blessed to see this view often. Photographing details of the weather, the light, and surrounding objects helps yield a feeling within of being there – even years later.

bokeh sunset black and white easter photographing details colorful Easter eggs

Next year, little bro can help too! This year, he wanted to taste test the egg in its shell – silly kiddo! Another memory, #documented.

holiday photography easter egg stickers family photo session finished easter decorating eggs documenting childhood

When the subject is busy with an activity, it’s a wonderful opportunity to step in and grab some facial details. They aren’t paying attention! Being a year later as I write this, I see her baby face in this picture. Her face is longer and growing more into a child’s face rather than a toddler.

black and white details black and white lines dying easter eggs
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