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Documenting Real Stories: A Client Photo Session on a Farm

In much of my photography career, people have always wanted everyone to look the camera “cheeseing.” I’ll do it, very unwillingly, but I will do it. Those aren’t the moments that anyone truly wants to remember…

…the ones where everyone has sweat dripping and teeth grinding, all while trying to wrangle children into their position + regretting scheduling the photoshoot to begin with.

They want to remember giggling while playing with their kids, butterfly kisses, and family cuddles. Those giggles and butterfly kisses are what I truly love and want to photograph in every single frame.

Finally, people are starting to understand that those are the moments that truly need captured; family being family. Melissa contacted me for family pictures for herself, husband Kevin, and their five beautiful kids. She asked, “Can we just do it out at our farm? And maybe just having us playing around?”

Music to my ears!

Yes! Yes, Melissa we can!

When I arrived to their perfectly placed gravel road home atop a hillside, everyone was outside playing and enjoying their time together. I got out of my car with my camera in hand while over hearing Melissa saying, “Molly! Did you get into my make up?!” while scrubbing her little ones face. This was the first-time Molly had attempted to put make up on and we got it on camera!

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The family is a farm family, so they throw hay, saddle horses, and do what needs done. Everyone had their boots on, and one of the littles even had jean shorts on to match!

After playing we decided to go for a small family walk around the farm. This is when the kids were perfectly in their zone. Family snuggles, wild runs, and pure adventure is what was captured in the hours we spent together. After running through the tall grassy fields and jumping puddles, the kids found a tree knocked over.

This is where the kids discovered they could see their reflections! The kids thought this was so amazing, and made everyone enjoy it with them! We even found an animal burrow, where we did have to redirect by saying, “No, you may not crawl in there to see if its sleeping!”

I’m so thankful for this family for not only allowing me to come out to their home to capture this, but for allowing me to know that this for a fact is what I want to do for ever client. This little walk on the farm wasn’t just that, it was an entire new journey.

Writing and photography from Tori Bruno.

About Tori: As Mom of 3 under 5, I get real life. I get happy, crazy, and content. I get love that nearly burst from my heart. I also get sunsets, wildflowers, and unconditional love. I take my real life experience to capture yours. From the first shot I get the real, true you! Intimate, silly, exasperated, loving life shots are my thing. I capture you and your family how the world sees you. Its beautiful.  Website // Instagram // Facebook 

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