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Documenting the History + Memories Inside a Family Business

“Have you ever had a dream come true?

That shop was my dream. The Lord gave me my dream.”

Those were words from one of the last conversations with Papaw.

He was a husband, father of seven and a retired truck driver who dreamed of owning his own business.

He started Quick Fix Tire when he was 57 years old. The business started out in an old barn (below) just a minute down the road from it’s current location at 18775 Cortez Blvd, Brooksville, FL.

Shortly after opening it’s doors in 1988, my dad and uncle came to Florida to work for him and eventually help manage the business. Today, they’re the owners.

Today, this is Quick Fix.

What started out as a large truck tire shop has turned into a place that people can come to for almost any tire size, tire repair, front end alignments, brakes, rotors, shocks and struts.

It’s known for quick service, hence the name 😉

The walls behind the counter and in the office, shout patriotism, faith and family. For years, my dad’s had a table set up offering free KJV Bibles and other faith-based reading. Also, allowing for the community to promote local business and events.

To many, Quick Fix Tire may be just a tire and automotive repair shop.

To me, it’s the only place I have left to go (without seeming creepy) that has much of my life attached to it.

This small hallway that leads to the bathrooms and a door to out back, was the “raceway” for me and my sister and our cousins and friends. Today, it’s our children’s. Almost any day of the week, you’ll find at least one of the great-grandkids running around somewhere.

Someday, that won’t be the case. They’ll get older and life will be different.

But until that happens, we still have these moments:

Now, my children and my sister’s children have *their* Papaw to have memories with here.

My uncle still returns to that same light-hearted playfulness and silliness with our kids as he did when we were little. When my sister and I were this age, my Uncle Eugene would climb through the rows of tires with us and play hide and seek.

In one of the images you can see below, Logan and Riley are looking for the big kids who were hiding.

Papaw would grab his work apron, hook up to the trailer, load up in ol’ red and drive all around Florida to retrieve used tires for the shop.

Papaw passed away in April of 2018.

He’s gone, but somehow will always remain here.

Dad in the office. That desk has been around since the beginning.

The infamous water fountain that has resulted in many, many spills over the years.

Paps dirty coffee cup and spoon.

Trailer bought in 1978 to haul tires. Still does to this day.

Ol’ Red

My husband using a heavy duty impact gun to tighten the wheels of a large truck.


Most of the tools and supplies needed for a flat repair.

Papaw’s apron

Writing and photographs contributed by Ashley Mitchell.

About Ashley Mitchell: I live in west central Florida with my husband and two sons. I’m a big fan of sleeping, sarcasm, mountains and the 1975.


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