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Dude Bus Series: An Inspiring Story About an Awesome Grandpa

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Every morning at 5 a.m., my Father-in-law wakes up and prepares himself for his morning drive. This is not just any leisurely morning drive, it’s his bus route to pick up his eleven grand-kids and take them to school. (and, he blogs about it as you can see HERE)

Next year, there will be 2 more grand-kids on the route!
Words cannot express how grateful I am that he not only drives my children and their cousins, but that he documents it for us to be able to read and share for years to come.

I decided to hang out with “DUDE” (that’s what we call him) … also known to the kids as Gran-dude… for a few mornings and document the happenings on the dude bus route.

My photo tip to you: 

When photographing a documentary story, your goal is to have a clear beginning, middle and an end. Also, don’t forget the small details, not all images have to be focused on just people. Those small details can help round out and complete the story. If you feel that the story isn’t complete and you can shoot it again, then don’t be afraid to shoot it again.

Here’s the Dude Bus story:
Story and photography contributed by Angela Douglas.

Angela is based out of Virginia. Follow her here:

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