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Exciting May 2018 Things in Documentary Family Photography

In the spirit of unity + community here’s a round-up of all the things happening in the Documentary Family Photography Community in MAY.

Note from our Founder:


Remember last month how I set an intention to re-establish my boundaries (like no laptop after kid bedtime, in bed by 9 p.m. to read / journal / unwind etc.)? HA.

You know, sometimes LIFE has other plans. One thing I’ve learned from Susan Ferraro is that it’s not about things happening TO you. Instead, it’s about how you feel around the things happening. Let me explain…

So, April started off as a bit of a vacay month with spring break + in-laws visiting. Then, as it was time for me to hit the ground running in work-mode, my internet was near non-existent. Then, surprise bills and last minute surgery popped up.

(still recovering over here)

The point is, in April I kept my cool, let go, and went with the flow of it all. I’m not saying the bills didn’t make me wanna puke, the surgery didn’t suck, and the lack of progress in my biz wasn’t frustrating as hell.

That said, because I DECIDED to loosen my grip on my control, I’ve maintained my energy and kept my mindset centered and grounded instead of reaction-mode.

Guess what? YOU always have that choice too, even when sh*t hits the fan.

I felt a nudge to send out that reminder to you this month. May is often a season of scramble to prep our businesses + lives for a dreamy, summer season (whatever that looks like to you). Your power is in how you decide to handle what does and doesn’t go your way.

So, the next time a bad thing or a bad day happens, ask yourself how you can reframe your MINDSET from “why is this happening to me?!” to “what’s the one thing I can do to make myself feel better + energized now?”

(Suze does an exceptional job at keeping you in-check on her ease-y does it podcast – look it up!)

Lastly, The Preservation Project is open to register for a 4-week sprint starting May 15th!! What is it? In short, we (re)connect to our values + intentional document / organize bits of our life + do ONE thing to connect with our loved ones.

Learn more about The Preservation Project ™ here.

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Living Memories to Record this MAY

  • Long Weekend fun
  • End of the school year
  • A walk around your town or neighborhood
  • Photograph a friendship
  • Chores + responsibilities

For more ideas, follow #sessionsparks on Instagram! Follow F&F here to see our Session Sparks in your feed. For a guide of 160+ Session Sparks ideas with descriptions for yourself + to share with your clients, click here.

Session Sparks by Fearless and Framed

Fun Themespiration Calendar

So sorry, we’re a U.S. based company and simply cannot know the calendar of the entire world. We simple pick a few fun ideas from National Day Calendar.Something to add? Comment below!

• National Pet Week – First Sunday through Monday of May
• National Military Appreciation Month
• 5/4 International Firefighters’ Day
• 5/13 Mother’s Day
• 5/19 National Learn to Swim Day
• 5/20 National Take Your Parents to the Playground Day
• 5/28 Memorial Day

Photo Credit: Stephanie Lynn

Photo Credit: Aleksandra Gajdeczka


Intentional Documentary™ Podcast



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  • #003  Documentary School Photography with Katie Jett Walls



  • #004 – What’s a Legacy Box? (SO many people reached out after this one! Excited to hear what this sparks for you)
  • #005 – ‘Elicit Emotion’ Obsession? Listen In.
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Discover the Power of Music & Audio for Family Films

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Community Spotlight


Davina Fear

Our community member Davina Fear recently returned from a trip to Mexico where she (and her family) helped to repair and paint an orphanage.

When asked what inspired the trip, Davina responded, “For over 20 years I’ve wanted my family to travel to another country to help build a school or dig wells or help in some way. My dream came true when we went to Mexico to help repair and paint an orphanage, spent time with and played with the children, and completely fell in love with them and the madres. We can’t wait to go back!”

For the safety of the children, we can’t provide the name of the orphanage that Davina volunteered at but if you’d love to get involved with a volunteer project like A Child’s Hope, you can click the button below to learn how you can help.

 A Quote that hit our hearts

(ya might wanna pin this one!)

Check out our Quotes for Documentary Family Photographers Pinterest Board for more inspiration! It’s new, so bare with us while we grow this baby.

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