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Proof More Families are LOVING Documentary Family Photography

This family is incredibly beautiful inside and out, particularly in the way that they interact with each other. Three-year-old Max is so sweet with his one-month-old brother, Daniel, and Mom and Dad protect and nurture that relationship already.

The whole family is full of gentle touches, soft words and a love for one another that is so clearly visible to me, even as an outsider. I was honored to spend the morning with their little family adventuring and exploring Discovery Park in North Seattle.

There is just a sort of peacefulness to the way this family works, which amazes me considering they have a newborn and a three-year-old boy! My hope while shooting this session, was to show this family the calm, peacefulness, adventure and love that they experience every day, but may not always see.

The mama wrote the following about her images…and this is exactly what it’s all about for me: 

“Sometimes as a mother, I wish I was a fly on the wall and could have a glimpse into what my reality looked like. Getting to spend the morning, with Hannah, taking pictures of us was testing that wish out. We got outside and explored, braving the weather conditions… just like a normal Saturday morning, except for the camera following you around.

It takes a little while to warm up and get used to the idea of someone capturing it ALL. At first, I felt hyper-aware, but gradually it starts to feel somewhat normal. This usually occurs as you get absorbed back into your family dynamic; a diaper to be changed, baby to be fed, snacks to be packed, hands to be held. Having Hannah around ended up being a fun twist on a special outing to a park we hadn’t been to before. It was exciting knowing that special moments would be captured. Hannah captured them beautifully.”

As she sent me the images, I looked at them over and over again finding so many small details that made me smile. What a treasure it is to have this morning frozen in time and to see that real life is art. It doesn’t have to be staged and smiling to be beautiful. In fact, I’d argue that this photo shoot helped me to see that my life, specifically the time I spend with my family wherever we are, has a majestic quality. That deserves to be captured. We all deserve to see our messy, imperfect lives through the view of someone trying to capture what makes us unique. As we allowed Hannah into the smallest of moments, she was able to deliver to us the perspective that our life is beautiful and full of love. That’s what I cherish most about our photos because sometimes it is hard to see.”

My tip for other photographers:

Slow down. Breathe. Watch and wait.

You don’t have to capture every single moment. Just make sure the ones you do capture are meaningful.

























Story + photography contributed by Hannah Nielsen

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