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From Foreigner to Just Another Person: an Iconic Photo Story

At the time, I was photographing small business owners in Lombok, and I was meeting with one of the families at their home. The rain started to fall. As I looked across the way, I saw this family, spending time together on their porch.

When I look at the photo, I remember the sense of calm and love for each other that I felt emanating from them.

Also, it reminds me that occasionally, I can be invisible in Indonesia. Despite living here, being married to an Indonesian, and speaking the language I often feel very aware of my otherness as a foreigner.

However, when I took this photo, I was just a person observing other people in a beautiful moment.

And I loved that feeling.

Indonesia Documentary Street Photography

Writing and photograph contributed by Willow Paule.

About Willow Paule:

Willow Paule is a documentary photographer who considers her photography practice a form of heart-led research to get to know people. She blogs about photography, creative risk-taking & bringing vulnerability into photography work. Love free photo courses? Sign up for her free e-course How To Create A Photo Story In One Week here.


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