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Holiday Traditions: Building a Gingerbread House with Grandma & Grandpa

For more than 15 years, my parents have made gingerbread houses for their grandchildren at Christmas time. As soon as I had children and they were old enough to participate, I was ecstatic!

It’s become one of our most treasured Christmas traditions, and one of my favorite holiday activities to photograph.

I can only imagine the special memories my little ones are storing away of magical times, like these, spent with their grandparents. Also, after the craziness of Christmas morning gifting, I always look forward to photographing this calmer, more peaceful activity, where I feel I have more control.

Late last year, I was contacted by this family to help document their annual Christmas get-together with their extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

One of their main goals was to take some portraits of the whole family together. In addition, it was important to them to have photographs that truly reflect their time together and their annual celebration.

And a Holiday Photo Shoot was decided…

During our pre-session discussions, I found out that, just like my family, they have a yearly tradition of decorating gingerbread houses with their grandparents! Bingo!

This will always be a cherished memory for these kiddos and this family, and I was eager to help them get those moments documented.

Also, I knew it was a perfect way to get photos of the youngest children having fun and being themselves, rather than having to pose for my camera.

I found out, it also brought out the kid in the adults as well. 🙂

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Story + photography contributed by Jennifer Krafchik. 

Jennifer is based out of Maryland, U.S.A. Follow her at these links:

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