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Honestly Documented Collective XIV

What does Honestly Documented mean? 

It’s when a moment presents itself, unprovoked by you as the photographer. It’s when in an instant, what you see makes you grab the camera and your fingers shake to hit that shutter before you miss the moment. You’ve documented a detail in its honest form. Being in practice with this type of shooting will give you the greatest gift, to grow your own vision. What you see with start to change. You will look at life with a new pair of eyes that will help you when photographing clients. Honestly Documented is for photographers that want to grow their business on creating memorable photos which show clients their world when no one is looking.

Disclaimer: By posting your photo on our Facebook Timeline, you are giving us permission to feature your photo in our regular blog posts (if chosen) and shared throughout our social media platforms (with credit to you, of course!) + a Pinterest collage of our weekly winners. Readers: Be sure to give credit to the photographer if you pin an image.

Congratulations to the chosen photographers this week!

Highway 4 Photography

Cheri Anderson


Tumbling Sparrow Photography

Tumbling Sparrow


Tracey Moakes

“My personal reminder to slow down. I was asking him to hurry up and get ready to leave as we needed to be out the door before I realised he was deep in imaginary play. Needless to say I allowed us to be late and took a few moments to let him be instead.”

Tracey Moakes


Sonia Epple Fotografie

So Nia


R.P. Photography

RP Photography


Melissa Hines

“We asked our biggest to help us wash the cars. When I backed my car out into the driveway, he forgot to let me out before he got started. He was just so excited. Luckily, I was planning on documenting it, so I had my camera with me!”

Melissa Hines


A Rock and a Soft Place.

Julie Cooke


Jasmine Keath

Jasmine Keath


Jaime Hough

“| had to share just one more from today … this girl is my world! she wanted to feel the rain fall upon her … so down she laid on the sidewalk in front of our house. it made her feel alive.”

Jaime Hough


In Between Pictures

In Between


Heather Arnita

“Every night I go to put this little rascal to bed he runs away screaming “hide!” Most often I find him hiding in our closet. One night I finally captured it.”

Heather A


Hannah Cross

Hannah Cross


Document something in your day. Share on our FB wall or #fearlessandframed on IG. We <3 to feature documentary photos of your best memories. 

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