Honestly Documented Photo Collective XIII | Fearless and Framed

Honestly Documented Photo Collective XIII

What does Honestly Documented mean? 

It’s when a moment presents itself, unprovoked by you as the photographer. It’s when in an instant, what you see makes you grab the camera and your fingers shake to hit that shutter before you miss the moment. You’ve documented a detail in it’s honest form. Being in practice with this type of shooting will give you the greatest gift, to grow your own vision. What you see with start to change. You will look at life with a new pair of eyes that will help you when photographing clients. Honestly Documented is for photographers that want to grow their business on creating memorable photos which show clients their world when no one is looking.

Disclaimer: By posting your photo on our Facebook Timeline, you are giving us permission to feature your photo in our regular blog posts (if chosen) and shared throughout our social media platforms (with credit to you, of course!) + a Pinterest collage of our weekly winners. Readers: Be sure to give credit to the photographer if you pin an image.

Congratulations to the chosen photographers this week!

Benjamin Tatrow Photography

“Make no mistake…my boy can fly. No photoshop, no props, just fun playing in the rain.”

Benjamin Tatrow


Bonnie Hussey – Photographer

Bonnie Hussey


Burcu Çetin

“He’s asking for tickles just before bedtime. Just wiggling your fingers close to his tummy is more than enough to make him laugh like crazy, though. That laugh is my absolute favorite sound in the whole world.”

Burcu Cetlin


Organic Bliss Photography

Chloe R


Holly Nicole Photography

Holly Nicole Photog


KaetheJo Binder Photography






Mój Kadr Widzenia

Moj Wid


Nicole Humphrey | Photography
“Shiny boots make you go faster. Fact.”
Nicole Humphrey


Smith & Archer Photography

“There were some big emotions in our house this morning.”

Smith and Archer


Solas Images

Solas Images


Stephanie Mason Photography

Stephanie Mason

Tina Weaver Photography

Tina Weaver


Trinity Design

“In the wings.”

Trinity Design


Two Boys One World

Two Boys One World

Document something in your day. Share on our FB wall or #fearlessandframed on IG. We <3 to feature documentary photos of your best memories. Speaking of memories, have you taken our challenge to photographers? Before you go, take a quick peek at our challenge that will open your mind to a whole new meaning in your photo sessions.

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