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Honestly Documented Weekly Photo Collection IV

What does Honestly Documented mean? 

It’s when a moment presents itself, unprovoked by you as the photographer. It’s when in an instant, what you see makes you grab the camera and your fingers shake to hit that shutter before you miss the moment. You’ve documented a detail in it’s honest form. Being in practice with this type of shooting will give you the greatest gift, to grow your own vision. What you see with start to change. You will look at life with a new pair of eyes that will help you when photographing clients. Honestly Documented is for photographers that want to grow their business on creating memorable photos which show clients their world when no one is looking.

Disclaimer: By posting your photo on our Facebook Timeline, you are giving us permission to feature your photo in our regular blog posts (if chosen) and shared throughout our social media platforms (with credit to you, of course!) + a Pinterest collage of our weekly winners. Readers: Be sure to give credit to the photographer if you pin an image.

Congratulations to the chosen photographers this week!

Dillybar Photography

baby family photography

Bonnie Hussey Photography

documentary photography

Crate & Petals Studiosfamily documentary photography

Danielle MacInnes Photography

documentary style photography

Sperohero Photography

“It was morning and coffee and…airplanes off the table. Living with a camera on the hip is worth it!”

family photography

All Ours Photography

“Sunday funnies.”

day in the life

Dear Grace Photography

“Saying hello to daddy after arriving home from work.”

dad and child photo

Julie Moses

shopping photo session

TLMacdonald Photography

“One of my favourite things to do as a kid was to try to skip rocks, these 2 brought back very sweet memories for me xo”

beach family photography

Orange Peel Photography

“‘You’re so silly, Mommy!’ She kept running up under my hair so that she could feel the dryer. I knew I needed to remember her face.”

creative composition

Karen Jacot Photography

“Breakfast with twins, and the dog’s even in the photo, too.”

self portrait

Kelly Searle Photography

“What you don’t see from this image is my littlest girl’s face. You don’t see her beautiful almond shaped eyes that slant upwards ever so slightly. You don’t see her little palm that holds a crease, one that I find myself kissing every day. You don’t see that it takes her a little longer to do things or that she’s a little slower to walk. What I do see when I look at this, is that her big sister will hold her hand through life for as long as she will let her.”

black and white photography


Lauren Bodwell Photography

“Her two favorite things, being outside and being with her cousin…she loves her so!”

photo session at home

Stephanie Minior Photography

“Dad gives her a tubby almost every night while I nurse her baby brother. I snuck in for this one.”

documenting bath time

Studio4 Photography

“Busy weekend, sleepy boy.”documentary photographer

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