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How an Uneventful Day Can Bring Out the Magic of Childhood

When Aleah and I first discussed me coming over to capture the everyday life of her family she said that her life is pretty uneventful, which is what most families will say.

My response was: “Perfect! Uneventful is kind of my thing.”

The small details that make up our everyday routine are often overlooked. It brings me so much joy to show my clients just how beautiful their life is!

From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with warm smiles and 4 children waiting anxiously to play and show me their favorite toys. We hit it off right away! My favorite part about a documentary session is when it clicks with the kiddos that they’re free to be just who they are and that my reason for being there, to capture just that.

These sweet souls ran around showing me how high they can jump, their latest artwork, and how fast they could run through the sprinklers. It was a beautiful whirlwind!

Here’s a peek into the life of the Goodwin family:

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If I had to give one tip for a family documentary session it would be:

Become a kid for the day.

Run around!

Be goofy. Show them that you’re simply there to play and enter their little world for the day.

Writing and photography contributed by Chloé Rosser.


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