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Husband Diaries: This Man From His Wife’s Eyes

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I realized one day, while going through my photos, that I had thousands (yes, literally thousands!) of photos of my children, but very few of my husband. I found it strange.

He’s part of this family too!

Actually, he’s my favorite person in the world.

Why don’t I photograph him??

We’re always reminding ourselves to get in the frame too, which is so important, but what about my husband, my partner?

I found myself watching him when he worked in the garden or on his truck. I loved it.

So, that’s what I decided to capture.

He doesn’t love to be photographed, like most men, but he’s married to me after all (so he puts up with it). He isn’t worried about being stylish or trendy.

(The man loves his overalls!)

He’s complex and often misunderstood.

He is mine and worth documenting too.

And, I like showing the world who he is through my eyes.


farmerjohnfrommy window copy

john copy

johnbuildingpergola copy

johnforblog copy johngardening

johnsgardenbw copy johnshands copy

johnwithvines copy

johnworkingonhistruck copy

johnworkingtruck copy men copy

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Story + photography contributed by April Kraus.

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