Iconic Photo from Jacob Loafman – It is her home | Fearless and Framed

Iconic Photo from Jacob Loafman – It is her home

Browsing St. Louis photographer, Jacob Loafman’s, Best of 2014 page on his website kept me engaged, wanting to see more and learn more about this incredible artist. I immediately reached out to see if he would participate in our Iconic Photo blog series. You see, one of the things I noticed on his site is that Jacob has a deep appreciation for the world around him in any scenario. It is clear that he sees the scenes in front of him in his own amazing way – which then he turns what he sees into these crazy cool, artful photos. He takes small details inside of the scene and isn’t afraid to experiment with the light or composition to make those small details into the big picture. It’s like he treads through the world with his camera with no fear – and I absolutely envy that trait!

Random side note: This blog series is very special to me. It was the first visions I had for Fearless and Framed. I’m asking such a big thing from the photographers I reach out to. I’m asking them to share a photo so special, so sensitive, and very personal to the rest of the world. I mean, that’s huge. They are opening up their hearts to us all and I am deeply thankful to those that participate!! This photo from Jacob below and a few others that have landed in my inbox recently are a reminder that at the core, we all have photos that we take for no other reason, but for ourselves. Not for technical perfection – whatever that means anyway – and not for what others will think. And the thing is, I believe that these photos, the ones that we take for us, are what develop us into the photographers we become. It’s the elements inside of those photos that drive us behind the camera – our roots – and sometimes we lose it, we bend, and begin to mold into something else when we start taking on clients.

Homework: I dare you to look through your most favorite photos you’ve taken for you and find those roots.

What Jacob had to say about his Iconic Photo: 

“This photograph is iconic to me, because it reminds me of what the word ‘home’ means. This is my grandmother. She’s 93 years old and has lived in this particular home for well over 20 years. My grandfather passed away in 1993. So, she’s been alone in this home for quite a long time. Although she has been alone, it is still her home. It is the home she built with her husband. It is the home she made many memories with her husband, grandchildren, family members, and friends. It is the home where she made the most delicious chicken and dumplings in the world for all to enjoy. It is the home she is proud of. It is the home she refuses to leave. It is all hers. It is her home.”

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Camera Data: Canon 6D body, Sigma 35 1.4 Art lens 1/100 f/2.2 ISO 800

Jacob Loafman | Website


A little bit about the photographer: 
I am Jacob Loafman. I currently reside in Saint Louis, Missouri. I specialize in weddings and portrait photography. I am all about artistic storytelling and raw moments. My eyes are always searching for something a little different, whether it be an angle, the light, the expressions, the moment. I’m always searching. I give back to my community by putting together a large animal rescue photography exhibit each year. Animal rescue is in my blood now. My family, friends, and dog are the three most important things in my life. I am a very encouraging person. YOU CAN DO IT. Other than that, I am just a giant goofball. I enjoy making folks laugh.  I also love tacos. Cheers.

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