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Iconic Photo of When Time Stands Still As a Parent

It’s all in the quiet moments when you are a parent. This is when the refection and thoughts about time hit you. Being up late in the night and early morning or after a tantrum or after a nap with snuggles reluctant to break and move forward with your day. We’ve all been there as parents, waiting for the next moment to begin, eager to get back to the to-list, and in a rush to go nowhere truly important. If you are lucky, you are stopped in your tracks as Stephanie was here and are giving a reminder that you are in the middle of a blessing… and to enjoy it.

What Stephanie Heydt to say about her iconic photo:

“This photo represents the purpose of my photography. My daughter was having daily meltdowns. The best way to deal with the situation was to just take her upstairs to her room and sit in the rocking chair with her. This time she cried herself to sleep in my lap. As I sat there I went into ‘mom mode’ and started thinking about all the things I should have been doing instead of just sitting there. And then it hit me–STOP. Take it all in. She’s here in my lap with her blankie sleeping like an angel. There is nothing else I need to be doing. Nothing. The present moment is all I have. I’m wearing my grandfather’s watch here. It’s just an old Timex but it’s one of the only things I have of his and I wear it all the time. Time–My photos are my way of stopping time. Nothing in our lives will be here forever. I snapped this picture with my iPhone so I can have the memory of this moment forever.”

Documenting Time


Camera Data: iPhone 4S, 1/15, f 2.0, ISO 640

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About Stephanie Heydt:
“I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend….I’m a participant in and observer of my children’s lives. And of the seemingly ordinary moments and mundane things that make up most of our days.” 
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