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Iconic Photo – Our Family Matriarch

This photo nearly made my jaw hit the floor. I found it completely breathtaking and am honored Angela has shared the image and her thoughts with us. I not only love that this is a special image with a Grandparent in the frame, but the words of the relationship between Angela’s Grandma and cousin are what won me over. Angela did an exceptional job at relaying the story of their relationship by truly documenting their connection here.

What Angela Douglas Ramsey had to say about her iconic photo:

If I could name one person as our family matriarch, it would be this woman. We call her granny. She’s 94 years old and is my great grandmother.

She has had a hand in raising not only my mother and her siblings but my generation and my children’s generation also. The image of my cousin & my granny is so iconic to me and my family because of the special bond that my granny and Lili have. They are good friends despite the age difference. They spend hours together. Watching them makes my heart and my families heart smile. Lili has kept my granny’s spirit young.

iconic photo


Camera Data: Canon 5D Mark III 35mm, 1/125 f/1.8

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About Angela Douglas Ramsey:
Angela Douglas is a lifestyle photographer based in Norfolk, VA.  She specializes in a mixture of posed and candid portraits and aims to capture the essence of her subjects personality along with their natural expressions.  She’s fulfilled in her work by providing her clients with memories that will last generations as well as an experience that is both fun and relaxing. 
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